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Salient Group currently offers two workshops. Each is focused on conceptual project sketching- creating traditional visual character sketches of future built environments. Our classes are founded on the notion that if a design idea needs to be examined, nothing can match traditional sketch technique for speed, clarity, impact and charm.

Our workshops are built upon our professional experience. At Salient Group, we practice what we teach. Expect classes to be filled with tips on practical equipment selection, composition, color, and technique. Also expect classes to be a unique blend of traditional and modern. Learners should expect to leave our workshops with practical, usable knowledge in project visualization. Be prepared to walk away with a full understanding of the production considerations of concept visualization, as well as your own finished sketch of a conceptual project. ALL LEVELS OF EXPERIENCE ARE ENCOURAGED TO ATTEND. INSTRUCTION IS TAILORED TO THE INDIVIDUAL PARTICIPANT.

Steve Stannard, ASLA, ASAI is primary instructor for Salient Group produced workshops. Steve has practiced landscape architecture, community, and urban design for over 25 years, and has earned a reputation as a design team leader on many national projects. In addition, professional designers, visualists and artists are invited to each workshop to help critique and offer advice to improve attendees work.


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